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2.3 Partial Loading and Material Factors 8 2.4 Load Combinations and Factors for Stability 8 2.5 Load Combinations and Factors for Strength of Components 9 2.6 Live Loads 9 2.7 Earthquake Loads 10 2.8 Wind Loads 10 2.9 Hydraulic Loads 10 2.10 Drained Vs Undrained Parameters 10 2.11 Capacity Reduction Factors 10 2.12 Soil Analysis Model 10 76 Type of Forces Applied force External force Reactive force Force Stress Internal force Strain Concentrated Contact force Force Force Distributed Body force. 103 Example Hibbeler Ex 4-14 #1 Resultant Replace the current system by an equivalent resultant force and couple moment acting A.Replace the loading system acting on the post by an equivalent force and couple system at point O. Replace this system by an equivalent single resultant force. Specify the location of the resultant force along the y acis, measured from A. The pipe lies in the x-y plane.Replace the distributed loading by an equivalent resultant force and specify its location, measured from pointA. View Answer Replace the distributed loading by an equivalent resultant force and specify where its line of action intersects member AB, measured from A.Given:w1 = 200N/mw2 = 100N/mw3 = 200N/ma = 5 mb = 6...

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Replace the distributed loading with an equivalent resultant force.

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Answer to 1.2 Replace the distributed loading by an equivalent resultant force and couple moment at point B. A) Fr=1.35kN, 42.0 >;... Search and replace text in an HTML editor, an index, and a table of contents. For more information, see Find and replace Named conditional build expressions Easily manage a large number of conditional expressions in a project by giving them descriptive, easy-to-remember names.

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4-108. Replace the two forces by an equivalent resultant force and couple moment at point O. Set F. bsin40in, -(15) = 20 sin 30" 21b. Equivalent Resultant Force: Forces F and F2 are resolved into their xand ycomponents, Fig. a. Summing these force components algebraically along the rand yaxes.R′ = 501.2 N 61.39º, x = 0.527 m left of O R = 0, Resultant Moment = 806.8 kNm$ Replace the loading on the frame by a force % For the figure shown, find resultant force andand moment at point A. moment at point A. (May’09-5 marks) (June’10-5 marks) 27 Resultant of Distributed Loads The resultant of a distributed load is equal to the area of the load diagram. It is acting at the centroid of that area as Spatial Parallel Force System The resultant of parallel forces in space will act at the point where it will create equivalent translational and rotational...

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Ch. 3 - Find the resultant of the distributed load acting... Ch. 3 - Determine the resultant of the line loads acting... Ch. 3 - Replace the force system shown with an equivalent... Ch. 3 - The center of gravity of the 30-lb square plate is... Ch. 3 - Determine the resultant of the force system shown. Ch. 3 - Find the x- and y-coordinates of ...